Menstruation of blood a little, maybe this is the cause

Menstrual cycles are not always the same for every woman. Some women may have experienced menstruation with little blood volume and a short time. In medical science, this little menstruation is called hypomenorrhea. Little menstruation can be caused by heredity, age, lifestyle, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy or problems with pregnancy, and health conditions. Causes of Little Menstruation Here are some causes of a little menstruation along with an explanation: Genetic If you experience a slight menstruation, try asking your mother or sister if they also experience it. Because of the possibility of hypomenorrhea caused by heredity. Age factor Menstruation is small, normal for teenagers who have just had puberty, and women who are about to enter menopause. Hypomenorrhea that occurs in both conditions is caused by an imbalance in hormone levels that play a role in the menstrual cycle. Lifestyle Stress, drastic weight loss or gain, smoking, and excessive exercise can make hor
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